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candy rivas

Candy Rivas, PhD 2019

"As a first year student in the ABBS program, I saw that Physiological Sciences GIDP has a unique sense of community, support and interdisciplinary, translational science that is cultivated within the department. In my time in the Physiological Siences program, I observed and benefited from rigorous coursework that provide breadth of knowledge in physiology, several fruitful research collaborations, faculty-student engagement, excellent mentoring and the countless ways faculty have invested in our training as future physiologists.  As part of the community at the University of Arizona, I found the Physiological Sciences departmental committees, in which students actively participate, and administrative staff to be essential in not only ensuring appropriate academic milestones are met, but that students gain leadership experience. As recent graduate of the doctoral program I can attest to how vital this is both towards graduating in a timely manner and preparing for career prospects."

Sujana Vinjamuri

Sujana Vinjamuri, MS 2016

"It is a pleasure and honor to be called an alumnus of the Graduate Physiological Sciences Program at the University of Arizona. As an international student I found welcoming classmates, engaging faculty and reliable program coordinators who are always there to help. This program is a pioneer in research with professors who are very knowledgeable and care to show guidance to their students during their courses and in addition provide great advice on how we pursue our research interests. I am grateful to my committee members for their guidance and support.  My mentor Dr. Jason X.-J. Yuan is a physician scientist and a renowned leader in pulmonary vascular hypertension research.  I was fortunate to work as a graduate research assistant in his lab. I learned various techniques like western blots, fluorescence digital imaging, and smooth muscle cell isolation to name a few. It was exciting to work with students and postdoctoral fellows in our lab.  The education I received both personally and professionally was invaluable!"
Andrew Wojtanowski

 Andrew Wojtanowski, MS 2016

"Choosing the Master’s program for Physiological Sciences at the University of Arizona was one of the best decisions I could have made in my education. Our department is warm and collaborative, offering an array of research topics and techniques underneath a vast and integrative umbrella of physiology. Beyond my research experience, I was presented with teaching opportunities, which I feel honed my skill of scientific communication. Having the dynamic research/teaching/class schedule not only kept me active but helped me reinforce material in multiple contexts. Overall, this program was exactly what I wanted in my segway into the medical sciences… and with my teaching assistantship paying for my tuition, how could I say no?"​

Jordan Lancaster

 Jordan Lancaster, PhD 2016

"My degree has been very useful.  The Physiological Sciences program provided me a solid fundamental understanding of human physiology from cellular processes to whole organism systems.  As a result, I was able to develop my knowledge base and technical skills allowing me to work towards solving clinical problems.  In addition, having a PhD gives you credit in the eyes of your peers whether an academic, investor or from industry.  Tucson is a great place and is really on the up and up.  Downtown has blossomed in the past five years.  There are consistently exciting events coming to town in addition to numerous great places to eat and meet up with friends.  Tucson also has a great laid-back airport; it is easy to travel to or from Tucson to see family.  Tucson has a number of great outdoor and active lifestyle options such as hiking and cycling.  While summer can get a bit stubbornly hot, Mt. Lemmon offers a great escape from the summer heat."

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