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Translational Physiology

Research interests in this field include:

  • Treatment strategies for cardiovascular disease (heart failure/hypertension), respiratory (asthma/sleep apnea/sudden infant death syndrome), and metabolic disease (diabetes/obesity)
  • Devices and treatment for promoting recovery after ischemia or CV injury
  • Treatment of neurological disorders (pain research)

The following faculty conduct research within the field of Translational Physiology.  More information about each faculty member may be found on our Faculty page.

  • Gene Alexander
  • E. Fiona Bailey
  • Heddwen Brooks
  • Thomas P. Davis
  • Torsten Falk
  • Ralph Fregosi
  • Andrew Fuglevand
  • Janet Funk
  • Scott B. Going
  • Steven Goldman
  • Karl B. Kern
  • Zain Khalpey
  • Kirsten Limesand
  • Ronald M. Lynch
  • Patrick Mantyh
  • Klearchos Papas
  • Benjamin Renquist
  • Leslie Ritter
  • Patrick Ronaldson
  • John A. Szivek
  • Jil Tardiff
  • Todd Vanderah
Last updated 22 Jun 2016