Translational Physiology

Research interests in this field include:

  • Treatment strategies for cardiovascular disease (heart failure/hypertension), respiratory (asthma/sleep apnea/sudden infant death syndrome), and metabolic disease (diabetes/obesity)
  • Devices and treatment for promoting recovery after ischemia or CV injury
  • Treatment of neurological disorders (pain research)
  • Inflamation
  • Stem Cell Biology
  • Peripheral neuromodulation to treat cardiovascular and renal disease

The following faculty conduct research within the field of Translational Physiology.  More information about each faculty member may be found on our Faculty page.

  • Gene Alexander
  • E. Fiona Bailey
  • Christopher Banek
  • Jared Churko
  • Dawn Coletta
  • Thomas P. Davis
  • Torsten Falk
  • Ralph Fregosi
  • Andrew Fuglevand
  • Janet Funk
  • Scott B. Going
  • Michael Grandner
  • Kirsten Limesand
  • Ronald M. Lynch
  • Patrick Mantyh
  • Klearchos Papas
  • Paulo Pires
  • Benjamin Renquist
  • Patrick Ronaldson
  • Rick Schnellmann
  • Ann Skulas-Ray
  • Jennifer H. Stern
  • Jil Tardiff
  • Todd Vanderah

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