Overview Commitment to Diversity

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

In the Physiological Sciences Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, we believe a diversity of ideas, perspectives, and approaches is critical to the generation of new knowledge.  We are learning about the systemic barriers into the field of biomedical research for students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, and we are working to acknowlege these barriers and make conscious commitments to equity in our research community.

Recruiting Diverse Talent

The Physiological Sciences GIDP is committed to recruiting and retaining a talented, diverse student body and we regularly attend conferences to meet with students in-person, provide mentorship, and discuss our graduate opportunities: 

The Physiological Sciences recognized the importance of a diverse faculty and are actively seeking faculty membership from current UA faculty researchers from diverse backgrounds. Please contact us to learn how you can join our interdisciplinary program.

Additional Funding

The University of Arizona Graduate College offer additional fuding opportunities to support students from diverse backgroungds including:

Doctoral students may be eligible for the American Physiological Society's Porter Physiology Development Fellowship.

  • Award amount: $28,300 stipend
  • Application deadline: January 15
  • Who can apply: Graduate student members from underrepresented racial/ethnic minority backgrounds who are enrolled in a full-time program leading to a PhD. Advisor/PI must be an APS member in good standing at time of application.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC)

Many Physiological Sciences GIDP faculty members participate as mentors in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC) administered by the University of Arizona Graduate College:

Year-round research and mentoring programs:

Summer-only research and mentoring programs:

If you are an undergraduate student considering graduate research for your future, see if UROC is right for you!

Reporting Discrimination

Anyone who experiences or is aware of discriminatory conduct is urged to report the concern without delay.  

There are several ways to submit a report and receive related information, help and resources. The Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy strictly prohibits retaliation of any kind against an individual based on reporting a discrimination concern or participating in a resulting investigation.

Get help immediately. Report hate crimes to the UA Police at 9-1-1 or non-emergency number (520) 621-8273.

Speak out.

Formal reports can be made to the Office of Instiutional Equity. Referring students and employees affected by discrimination to OIE is as easy as sending an email to equity@arizona.edu.

Report incidents of bias or hate to the Dean of Students’ Bias Education & Support Team (BEST). Reports may be made anonymously.

Faculty and staff can file a Public CARE Report or contact the Dean of Students' office at 520-621-7057 for help with urgent concerns, or emergency and crisis situations impacting the student community.

If UAPD or TPD are part of the problem, make a report to the Bias Education & Support Team (BEST) and the Campus Police Advisory Board.

Be an effective bystander. Learn how to help if you see someone being harassed or respond to everyday bigotry

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