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UA Physiological Sciences GIDP In the News

Dr. Henk Grenzier is featured in UA News for research on how the cardiac muscle protein titin controls muscle length.

Dr. Gene Alexander is featured in UA News for research on how brains have evolved to need exercise, utilizing the "'adaptive capacity model' for understanding, from an evolutionary neuroscience perspective, how physical activity impacts brain structure and function." 

Dr. Heddwen Brooks has received a $1.53 million grant from the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood to study postmenopausal hypertension!

Dr. Todd Vanderah in the news!  Check out this article in the UA News on the study he co-authors, utilizing green LED light to treat neuropathic pain, particularly fibromyalgia.

Dr. Zoe Cohen has been selected for the University of Arizona AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Teaching Excellence Award!  This award was granted by the STEM Education Project Teaching Awards Committee, announced on November 21, 2016.

Dr. Erika Eggers and Dr. Heddwen Brooks in the news! Check out this article on Dr. Eggers' research as the principal investigator of a $1.9 million project funded by the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health and the International Retinal Research Foundation, titled "Retinal Neuronal Signaling in Early Diabetes."  Dr. Eggers is also a recent recipient of a a NSF Career Grant.   

Dr. Jordan Lancaster, recent PhD graduate from our Program, wins $60,000 with a polished pitch in local "Shark Tank" competition with Avery Therapeutics, a company working toward commercializing a beating heart graft technology, originally developed by Jordan and his mentor Dr. Steve Goldman.  Dr. Lancaster and Dr. Goldman were also featured in a local news article regarding their accomplishments in the business world as well as the medical world.

Dr. Gene Alexander is leading the UA work in a Partnership with the University of Florida and University of Miami to improve cognition in older adults.

Dr. Janet Funk and her research on the effects of turmeric on arthritis. 

The Lab of Dr. Brooks:  The American Physiological Society published a review from the lab of Dr Brooks, highlighting sex differences in cardiovascular disease, using our UA patented menopause model (Dr Hoyer).  View the article on the American Physiological Society's website.



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Student Forum Presentation Schedule

PS Student Forum is held in AHSC 5403. Refreshments available beginning at 10:30am; Speaker(s) begin promptly at 11:00am. 

Fall 2017

Date Presenter(s)
August 25 Andrew J. Flores (Falk)
September 8 Stefanie Nguyen (Wright) & Program Updates
September 16 Zachary Olson (Cowen) & Dan Hill (Cowen)
October 6                        Cameron Wilhite (Cowen) & Ryan Weyker (Burt)
October 13 AZPS Meeting in Flagstaff (Optional)
October 20 Keane Urashima (Coletta) and Katie Bullock (Secomb)
November 17      Chloe Larkin (Fuglevand) & Monica Houser (Teske)
December 8 Nathaniel Husband (Brooks) & Tatum Foulds (Bailey)
December 15 New PSGIDP Faculty:  Dr. DYin Chen and Dr. Paul Langlais


Spring 2018

Date Presenter(s)
January 12                   Jordan Clarke (Fregosi) & Ambjorn Brynnel (Granzier)
February 2 Andrew Flores (Falk)
March 23 Matt Klass (Tardiff) & Tim Maley (Eggers)
March 30 Michael Flood (Eggers)
April 13 Claire DeLucia (Bailey) & Josh Uhlorn (Brooks)
May 11 Heather Lynn (Wang) & Alex Pendleton (S. Limesand)