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MS Student Profiles

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Ambjorn Karl Brynnel

Advisor:  Dr. Henk Granzier, PhD.

Research Interests:  I am interested in the muscle proteins Titin and Nebulin, and am also interested in exercise physiology.

Personal Interests:  I enjoy playing soccer, R&B, studying languages and traveling.


Katherine Bullock

Advisor:  Dr. Timothy Secomb, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Mathematical modeling of physiological processes.

Personal Interests:  Hiking, camping and baking.


Jordan Clarke

Advisor:  Dr. Ralph Fregosi, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Neurophysiology, respiratory physiology and their integration with managing stress and blood pressure. I am currently working on a project that looks at how inspiratory muscle training (IMT) effects overall sympathetic output in healthy individuals.

Personal Interests:  Hobbies include rock climbing, camping, coffee, and my bicycle. 


Shivani Desai

Advisor:  Completing 1st Year Lab Rotations

Research Interests: Cardiovascular Physiology & Endocrinology 

Personal Interests: Traveling, Dogs, Basketball, Taco Bell and Ice cream


Madeline Espineira


Advisor:  Dr. Jason Yuan, M.D., PhD.

Research Interests:  Cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology

Personal Interests:  Handcrafts, cooking, baking, remodeling, karaoke 


Tatum Foulds

Advisor:  Dr. E. Fiona Bailey, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Cardiovascular Physiology

Personal Interests:  Dogs, Netflix, and traveling


Monica Houser

Advisor:  Dr. Jennifer Teske, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Epigenetics, sleep, metabolism, and all kinds of pathologies.

Personal Interests:  Animals, food, sleeping, shopping. 


Nathaniel Husband

Advisor:  Dr. Heddwen Brooks, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Hypertension, Immune Function, Metabolism, Biomedical Imaging Systems

Personal Interests:  Fitness, Dirt Bikes, Rugby, Grilling, Harry Potter Movie Marathons


Chloe Larkin

Advisor:  Dr. Andrew Fuglevand, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Neuroscience and immunology.

Personal Interests:  Cats, science-fiction, creative writing, reading books, watching movies.


Taylor Lewis

Advisor:  Completing 1st Year Lab Rotations

Research Interests:  Endocrinology, cell signaling, and renal physiology

Personal Interests:  Yoga, food and cooking, traveling


Stefanie Nguyen

Advisor:  Dr. Stephen Wright, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Currently, I am in a laboratory rotation with Dr. Wright studying the mechanisms of organic cation transport in the renal proximal tubule. I am also interested in mental disorders, exercise physiology, and reproductive physiology. 

Personal Interests:  Occasionally I like to run, but I also like to paint, play ultimate frisbee, and eat entire cartons of ice cream.


Zachary Olson

Advisor:  Dr. Steven Cowen, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Behavioral Neuroscience

Personal Interests:  Wendy's 4x4 meal :)


Benjamin Rivera

Advisor: Completing 1st Year Lab Rotations.

Research Interests:  Nicotine toxicity in the airway as well as inflammation's role in asthma.

Personal Interests:  Reading, drawing and hiking.


Matthew Sivertson

Advisor:  Completing 1st Year Lab Rotations.

Research Interests:  Exercise Physiology

Personal Interests:  Rock climbing, soccer, country two-stepping


Christine Tixier

Advisor:  Completing 1st Year Lab Rotations.

Research Interests:  Nutrition, endocrine system.

Personal Interests:  Cooking, swimming, gardening.


Keane Urashima

Advisor:  Dr. Dawn Coletta, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Musculoskeletal Physiology, Systems Physiology, and Cardiovascular Physiology.

Personal Interests:  Fencing, Sailing, and Scuba Diving.


Ryan Weyker

Advisor:  Dr. Jan Burt, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Neuroscience, cardiovascular, and endocrine.

Personal Interests:  History, computer games, and trivia quizzing.


Cameron Wilhite

Advisor:  Dr. Steven Cowen, Ph.D.

Research Interests:  Systems neuroscience, memory and decision making. I am also interested in brain imaging.

Personal Interests:  Backpacking, motorcycles, sonoran hotdogs.