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MS Alumni

Our featured Physiological Sciences GIDP MS Alumni are listed alphabetically below by the year in which they graduated.  Please click on each time-span below to learn more about our students and what they have accomplished since graduating from our program.

Years 2015 - 2016

Name Year Faculty Advisor Current Position
Jennifer Barbee Spring 2015 Jennifer Teske Active Duty, US Army
Claire DeLucia Summer 2016 E. Fiona Bailey Attending our UA Physiological Sciences PhD program 
Jonathan Ferng Spring 2015 Ralph Fregosi MBA Marketing and Peroduct Management Intern, CR Board, Tucson AZ
Joshua Gaddy Summer 2015 Richard Levine Medical student at the University of Arizona
Sabine Marguerite Harrington Summer 2016 Ronald M. Lynch Working at Miraval Wellness Resort - the Fitness/Exercise Physiology department, in Tucson, Arizona
Matthew McBride Fall 2016 Robert Collier Research Technician, Dr. Rafikova's lab in the College of Medicine, University of Arizona
Anthony Mccoy Summer 2015 Hua Xu Senior Laboratory Coordinator, Department of Physiology, University of Arizona
Manuel J. Ramirez Summer 2015 Andrew Fuglevand Senior Laboratory Coordinator, Department of Physiology, University of Arizona
Austen Thompson Spring 2015 Heddwen Brooks MD/PHD Candidate, University of Arizona, Department of Physiology/ Bio5
Sujana Vinjamuri Spring 2016 Jason X.-J. Yuan Working in a University of Arizona Lab with Dr. Yuan for a year, then applying for residency
Andrew Wojtanowski Spring 2016 John A. Szivek Attending Rocky Vista University, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Colorado


Years 2011 - 2014

Name Year Faculty Advisor Current Position
Jamie Beckman Spring 2014 Erika Eggers Medical Student at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
Matthew Belzer Summer 2012 Stephen Wright Professor of Biology-Clinical Research Associate, Austin Community College, Austin, TX
Allyson Booth Summer 2012 Heddwen Brooks Ph.D student at University of Colorado Denver, Anschultz Medical Campus, Reproductive Sciences
Alie Buckmire Fall 2011 Andrew Fuglevand Ph.D Student, University of Arizona, Neuroscience GIDP
Beatrice Caballero Summer 2013 Scott Sherman & Torsten Falk Medical School at the University of Arizona, Tucson
Megan Fitzhugh Spring 2013 Gene Alexander PhD Candidate, Neuroscience, Arizona State University
George Georgiev Summer 2014 Ronald Lynch Doctoral Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Rebecca Gilbert Summer 2012 Thomas Pannabecker Research Technician, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Christopher Gomez Spring 2013 Paul McDonagh & Zoe Cohen Strength and Conditioning Coach, Performance Lab, Tucson, AZ
Dana Hariri Summer 2012 Torsten Falk Medical School at the University of Arizona, Tucson
Gregory Heden Summer 2011 Ronald Lynch Clinical Director at Physiotherapy Associates, Casleton, Indiana
Chelsea Hepler Summer 2014 Sean Limesand Scientist, Touchstone Diabetes Center, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Justin Hoffman Spring 2012 Scott Boitano Research Specialist, Asthma/ Airway Disease Research Center, University of Arizona College of Medicine
Jennifer Hutchinson Spring 2013 Terry Landowski Certified Clinical Master Herbalist, Senebti Botanicals, Washington D.C
Kimberly Lance Summer 2013 Richard Levine Research Specialist, Neuroscience, University of Arizona
Katie Martin Spring 2012 Kirsten Limesand Periodontics Resident, UAB, Mesa, AZ
Lauren Massimo (Querin) Spring 2013 Janis Burt Medical Student, University of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
Jeremy Oulton Spring 2013 Janis Burt Medical School, University of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
Edward Parkin Summer 2011 Janis Burt Research & Safety Sales Representitive, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Charles Piermarini Spring 2011 Ronald Lynch Physician Assistant, Fountain Hills Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, Phoenix, AZ
Vanitra Richardson Spring 2013 Ronald Lynch and Ron Hilwig Cardiovascular Specialist, UCLA Department of Cardiology, LA, CA 
Maxwell Serowoky Spring 2014 Terry Landowski USC PhD program
Leslie Shelton Summer 2013 Ronald Lynch Clinical Study Coordinator II, BioScreen Testing Services, Phoenix, AZ
Jason Singh Spring 2014 Stephen Wright Medical Student, Northumbria University
Vu Truong Spring 2012 Ronald Lynch Science Tutor, Varsity Tutor LLC, Phoenix, AZ
Sierra Wensman (Chandler) Spring 2011 Fiona E. Bailey Pediatrics Clinical Assistant I, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson
Kristen Westrick Spring 2012 Thomas Pannabecker Clinical Team Manager, PPD Pharnaceuticals, Phoenix, AZ

Years 2007 - 2010

Name Year Faculty Advisor Current Position
Claire Anthony Spring 2010 Eldon Braun Physician Assistant, Fiel Family and Sports Medicine, Tempe, AZ
Jennifer Avila Spring 2008 Kirsten Limesand Family Physician, Valley Medical Center, Covington, WA 
Anna Brauner Spring 2009 Ann Baldwin Sciences Professor, Carrington College, Pleasant Hill, CA
Huacong Chen Fall 2010 Ronald Lynch Intellectual Property Attorney, Booth Udall Fuller, PLC, Phoenix, AZ
Lori Cole (Burger) Summer 2007 Sean Limesand Research Specialist, University of Arizona, Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Christian Dameff Spring 2010 Karl Kern Emergency Medicine Resident, Maricopa Integrated Health System, Phoenix, AZ
Stewart Dandorf Spring 2009 Janis Burt University of Arizona, College of Medicine, Student
Alaina Glatting (Krone) Spring 2010 Carol barnes Research Specialist, University of Arizona, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute
Michael Gura Spring 2010 karl Kern Research Analyst, Program Evaluation, Medical Student Education, University of Arizona
Tarann Henderson Spring 2010 Stephen Wright MD/DO, Maricopa Integrated Health System, Phoenix, AZ
Karl Huebner Summer 2009 Karl Kern PGY 2 Pediatric Resident, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
Nicholas Hurst Spring 2007 Karl Kern Assistant Professor, MD, University of Arizona Emergency Medicine
Rafael Leos Summer 2010 Sean Limesand Operations Manager, R360 Environmental Solutions, LLC, Farfield, ND
Andrew Maynard Spring 2010 Bohuslav Dvorak Anesthesiology Resident, Vanderbillt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN
Ryan McGrath Summer 2010 Ronald Lynch Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN
Elizabeth Muellenbach Spring 2007 Eik Henriksen Associate Compliance Audit Specialist, Medtronic, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vanessa Nelson Spring 2008 Timothy Lohman Pediatrician, Sanford Health, Bismark, ND
Guadalupe Ortiz Spring 2009 Janis Burt PGY-1 Pharmacy Resident, Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska
Alisa Powell (Ryan) Summer 2010 Andrew Fuglevand Clinical Research Coordinator, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ
Amber Rice Spring 2009 Ralph Fregosi Resident Physician, Emergency Medicine, University of Arizona Medical Center
Patrick Richardson Summer 2010 E. Fiona Bailey Certified Nursing Assistant, Casa de la Cruz, Hospice Care
Melissa Romero-Aleshire Summer 2007 Heddwen Brooks Assistant Scientific Investigator, Physiology, Universit of Arizona, Tucson
Sabina Satpathi Spring 2008 Ralph Fregosi Speech and Language Pathologist, Palo Alto Unified School District, Palo ALot, CA
Earlphia Sells Summer 2007 Richard Levine PhD at University of Arizona, Mollecular and Cellular Biology
Allison Spera Spring 2010 Leslie Ritter Pediatric Dental Resident, Riley Children's Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana
Marcos Teran Spring 2008 Nicholas Delamere Resident Fellow, University of Arizona, College of Medicine
Jonathan Tse Summer 2009 Heddwen Brooks Internal Medicine PG-2 Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Henderson
Lora Van Tassel (Pittman) Spring 2008 E. Fiona Bailey Pediatrician, Healing Hearts Pediatrics, Chandler, AZ
Leslie Zuniga Spring 2009 Torsten Falk Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Neurology Department, Rochester, MN

Years 2003 - 2006

Name Year Faculty Advisor Current Position
Nathan Anavy Spring 2005 Karl Kern Radiologist, Arizona State Radiology
Kelly Brooks Summer 2006 Katalin Gothard Associate Vetrinarian, small animal general practive, Scranton, Pennselvania
Joy Bulger (Beck) Spring 2005 Timothy Lohman Physician, Internal Medicine, Providence Medical Institute, Valencia, CA
Lynn D. Butvidas Munoz Summer 2003 Stephen Wright Assistant Professor of Surgery, Michigan State University
Ted Chatter Spring 2006 Timothy Lohman Clinical Research Coordinator, San Antonio Kidney Disease Center, San Antonio, TX
Valerie L. Cooney (Turik) Spring 2003 Timothy Lohman Fire Engineer , City of Glendale, AZ
Katie Finnerty Spring 2005 Richard Levine Physician, Oculoplastics, Ophthalmology Associates, Fort Worth, TX
Stephanie Gilbert Summer 2005 Janis Burt Physical Therapist, Integrated Manual Physical Therapy, Glendale, AZ
Lilian Hansen (Kruse) Spring 2006 Gail Koshland Nurse Practitioner Specialist, Banner Casa Grande Medical Center
Heather Lesmes (Spellman) Summer 2005 Gail Koshland OB/GYN Physician at Banner Health, Suprise, AZ
Jessica Lohff Spring 2005 Patricia Hoyer Physician, Oak Street Medical, Eugene, OR
Christopher Mendias Spring 2003 Ronald Allen Assistant Professor, Sept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Allan Perry Summer 2006 Richard Levine North America Sales Manager, Riber USA, NY, NY
Louai Salaita Fall 2006 Richard Levine Doctor of Dental Surgery, Infinite Smiles, Powell, OH 
Julie Sloniger (Brown) Spring 2003 Erik Henriksen Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, Massachuetts General Hospital
Chad Waterbury Spring 2005 Stephen Wright Owner, Chad Waterbury, LLC, Santa Monica, CA

Years 1999 - 2002

Name Year Faculty Advisor Current Position
Ryan Donley Summer 2001 Wayne Morgan Pediatric Dentist, Vail Family Dentistry, Vail, AZ
Jason Drees Summer 2002 Stephen Wright Multimedia Developer, ASU Biodesign Institute, Scottsdale, AZ
Gregory Hockensmith Summer 2000 Andrew Fuglevand Cycle Training/World Racing
Paige Holm (Sheen) Summer 1999 Ralph Fregosi Research/Olympic Training Center
Ana Holtey Spring 2002 Timothy Lohman Family Physician, Mid Valley Health Clinic, Midvale, UT
Kenneth Knetzger Summer 1999 Ralph Fregosi Clinical Assistant Professor, Marquette University, Milwaukee
Christopher Kreulen Spring 2000 Mark Witten Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, UCDavis Health System
Rochelle Light Spring 2002 Timothy Lohman Dental Suregon, Arizona Dental Medicine, Tucson, AZ; Chief of dental Services, 162nd Wing Arizona Air National Guard
Catherynne Morgan Fall 2001 Eldon Braun Anesthesiologist, Self-employed, Tucson, AZ
James Peth Spring 1999 Erik Henriksen Founder, One James Creative Studio, Fort Collins, Colorado
Debra Pierce Fall 2001 Patricia Hoyer Physician Assistant, Cardiac Care Consultants, Peoria, AZ 
Tara Robinson (Keen) Summer 1999 Andrew Fuglevand Specialty Sales, AbbVie, Tucson, AZ
Chandelle Rose Spring 2000 Andrew Fuglevand Pharmaceutical Sales
Stephanie Russ Spring 2000 Cindy Rankin Teaching/British Virgin Islands
David F. Schach Summer 1999 Andrew Fuglevand Senior Rare Disease Specialist, QOL Medical LLc., Tucson, AZ
Mary K. Teachey Fall 2001 Erik Henriksen Anesthesiologist, University of Washington Medicine
Jennifer Wilhelmy Wagner Summer 2000 Timothy Lohman Anesthesiologist, Stanford, California

Years 1995 - 1998

Name Year Faculty Advisor Current Position
Russell Brandt Fall 1997 Timothy Lohman Senior Project Manager, Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Phoenix, AZ
Kaushik Dutta Summer 1996 Richard Levine Associate Lecturer, University of New England, Biddeford, Maine
Allison Hays Summer 1997 Mark Witten Adjunct Professor, Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ
Gillian Hubble Fall 1997 Ralph Fregosi Founder, The Functional Back, Sedona, AZ
Michelle Steen Summer 1997 Erik Henriksen Scientist II, R&D, Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp., Seattle, WA