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Current Students

Student Resources

Student Handbook - Provides important information for the various requirements of our Master's and PhD programs. 

Program Forms - Documents required for successful program completion, as well as helpful GradPath instructions. 

Program Timelines - Provides sample timelines for both the Master's and PhD programs, demonstrating when program requirements should be completed.

The Graduate Center - Provides excellent opportunities for professional development, as well as the University Fellows Program. 

Upcoming Events

Annual PS Program Retreat:  TBA

Program Social Hours:  1st Friday of each month, 5:00pm, location announced by email

Student Forum Schedule:

PS Student Forum is held in AHSC 5403. Refreshments available beginning at 10:30am; Speaker(s) begin promptly at 11:00am. 

Fall 2016

Date                    Presenter(s)
August 26 Andrew J. Flores (Falk) & Dan Hill (Cowen)
September 16 Shaun Tay (Fuglevand) & Tyler Marsh (Bao)
September 30 Lila Wollman (Fregosi)
October 7                              David Taska (Limesand) & Luis Cruz (Eggers)
October 21 Sarah Lehman (Tardiff)
December 9 Nakayla Chan (Bao) & Marissa Lovett (Boitano)
December 16 New PSGIDP Faculty:  Dr. Dawn Coletta and Dr. Haijiang Cai  

Spring 2017

Date Presenter(s)
January 20                  Teryn Holeman (Tardiff) & Michael Flood (Eggers)
February 3 Catherine Min (Papas)
February 10 PSGIDP Recruitment Speakers
February 17 New PSGIDP Faculty: Dr. Prabir Roy-Chaudhury & Dr. Rick Schnellmann
March 17 Heather Lynn (Wang) & Claire DeLucia (Rotating with Fregosi)
March 24 Kate Smith (Papas)
April 14 Candy Rivas (Boitano) & Gabriel Kelly (Wang)
April 21 Maura Cotter (Burt)


Last updated 20 Jan 2017