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Program Committees

2017-2018 Committee Members

Executive Committee: The Physiological Sciences Program is administered by an Executive Committee that consists of members who represent the major areas of Physiological Sciences.  These members include the Chair of the Program, the Chairs of the standing committees, one at-large member and one student representative. The Executive Committee is responsible for administering the graduate program in Physiological Sciences.

  • John Konhilas, PS GIDP Chair
  • Zoe Cohen, Teaching Committee
  • Frank Duca, Activities Committee
  • E. Fiona Bailey, Program Committee
  • Sean Limesand, Member at Large
  • Erika Eggers, Recruiting Committee
  • Maura Cotter, PhD Student Representative

Recruiting Committee: Responsible for publicizing the Program, recruiting, evaluating applicants, and recommending admission of qualified candidates to the Executive Committee.

  • Erika Eggers, Chair
  • Michael Grandner
  • Shaowen Bao
  • Scott Boitano
  • Andrew Fuglevand
  • Claudia Stanescu, Ad hoc
  • Matthew Klass, PhD Student
  • Dan Hill, PhD Student
  • Monica Houser, MS Student
  • Ryan Weyker, MS Student

Program Committee: Responsible for curriculum and course development, evaluation of graduate student progress, maintenance of the Graduate Handbook (which states the policies and procedures for graduate education), and mediation of the concerns and grievances of graduate students.  Graduate students are encouraged to consult with any member of the Program Committee to resolve any issue related to their graduate education that is of concern. 

  • E. Fiona Bailey, Chair
  • Randy Bogan
  • Julie Ledford
  • Ann Skulas-Ray
  • Candy Rivas, PhD Student
  • Zachary Olson, MS Student

Resources Committee: Developing and implementing the financial plan for the Program, including offering graduate students assistance in obtaining extramural pre-doctoral awards.                                                 

  • John Konhilas                                                    

Activities Committee: Has the charge of promoting social and professional interdisciplinary activities among the participants (graduate students, postdocs, and faculty) of the Physiological Sciences Program.

  • Frank Duca, Chair of Committee
  • Joshua Uhlorn, PhD Student
  • Nathaniel Husband, MS Student

Teaching Committee: is responsible for assigning teaching responsibilities to all students who have completed their first year and for insuring that all students receive an evaluation of their teaching abilities both from the students they teach and from a faculty member.

  • Zoe Cohen, Chair of Committee
  • Leslie Ritter
  • Claudia Stanescu, Ad-Hoc, Physiology TA Coordinator
  • Eric Price, Ad Hoc, Physiology TA Coordinator
  • Tim Maley, PhD Student
  • Ambi Brynnel, MS Student

Student Forum: Professional skills development held every two weeks, which is co-administered by the students and faculty, to foster an interactive environment for the dissemination of program research. Students present research progress every year in the program and receive detailed feedback on how to improve their presentation skills

  • Dawn Coletta, Faculty Feedback Liaison
  • Ralph Fregosi, Faculty Feedback Liaison
  • Kate Smith, PhD Student - 2017
  • Sarah Lehman, PhD Student - 2017
  • Claire DeLucia, PhD student - 2018
  • Alex Pendleton, PhD student - 2018
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