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Congratulations to our 2016 Graduates!

Submitted on June 16, 2016

We are very proud to announce our 2016 graduates:

  • Master's Students:
    • Claire DeLucia, "Respiratory Muscle Strength Training and Blood Pressure Regulation in Healthy Young Adults
      • Future Plans:  Attending our Physiological Sciences PhD program.
    • Sabine Harrington, "Investigating GLP‐1 and Kisspeptin Analogs for Targeted Modulation of Beta‐Cell Insulin Secretion
      • Future Plans:  Working at Miraval Wellness Resort - the Fitness/Exercise Physiology department, in Tucson, Arizona
    • Doraid Sadideen, "Exploring G‐Protein‐Coupled Receptors Regulation, Specificity and Controllability of Exosome Release in the Neuronal Cell Line SH‐SY5Y
    • William Purvis, "Utilizing a 3D Fibrin Scaffold to Improve Human Islet Culture and Transplantation”
    • Sujana Vinjamuri, "Role of mTORC1 and mTORC2 in the Development and Progression of Pulmonary Hypertension in Mice"
      • Future Plans:  Working in a UA lab with Dr. Jason Yuan for the next year, then applying for residency 
    • Andrew Wojtanoski, "Building a Bridge for Better Bones
      • Future Plans:  Attending Medical School in Colorado
  • PhD Students:
    • Matthew Bull, "Experimentally Altering the Compliance of Titin’s Spring Region
      • MD-PHD dual degree program
      • Future Plans:  Finishing the MD program in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona
    • Jordan Lancaster, "Development and Testing of a Tissue Engineered Cardiac Construct forTreatment of Chronic Heart Failure
      • Future Plans:  Commercializing technology developed during PhD at the University of Arizona.
    • Dennis Pollow, Jr,. "The Role of T cells in Postmenopausal Hypertension
      • Future Plans:  Post Doc at the University of California, San Diego, investigating the role of chromatin modification on insulin sensitivity and beta cell proliferation during type II diabetes.